The Sacred Urge to Play with Pennie Brownlee, Ohauiti Hall, November 2018 – a visual collection of our day together

We (wild & grace media|events) were blessed enough to host Pennie Brownlee of ‘Dance with me in the Heart’ for 3 days of workshops this November 2018. The last time we hosted her was back in 2015, so we were very excited for this long awaited visit, from a wonder of a writer, teacher of teachers and parents, child advocate and activist.

Our first ‘Sacred Urge to Play’ SOLD OUT (and pretty quickly) so we programmed another at Fergusson Park Clubrooms overlooking the fields and harbour of Matua, Tauranga Moana (with Mauao in the distance).

We’re going to write about what we endeavour to generate in our wild & grace events (of a living:learning nature) in another post, but for now here is a visual story of our gracious, creative, nourishing, reflective, empowering, softening day together.

For those who attended who’d love a memory of what we devoured at our long tabled vegetarian (mostly entirely plant-powered) feast (recipes to follow, fingers crossed before Christmas, although some are already up such as Alison Holst’s Rice Salad) here is our menu:

* Roast Asparagus
* Mount Sourdough Company sourdough bread
* Lewis Road Creamery (sea salt crystal butter)
* Alison Holst’s Rice Salad
* Julie Le Clerc’s Carrot, Coconut and Currant Salad
* Caramelised Pumpkin, Feta, Sundried tomato Salad
* Rocket & Avocado

Did you know (thanks to Nathan Mikaere Wallis those who attended Sacred Urge to Play now all know) that

Singing, Moving and Laughing readies us for learning?

One attendee commented this is exactly what happens in her Te Reo Maori classes happening down at Te Wananga…Did you know Te Reo Maori classes are FREE?

And a wish from us to you, to all of us:

May we close these silly (but okay helpful too, but very addictive) screens and GET OUTSIDE with ourselves, our tamariki, our mokopuna, our friends, our animals, our ngahere, our moana and SEE, CONNECT, FEEL the urge to PLAY, to MOVE, to BE, to LISTEN, to LEARN.

Our takeaway ‘A-ha moment’ (kia ora Pennie)

‘Full attention builds relationships’


‘Seeing someone, hearing someone, is perhaps the greatest, kindest gift (of love) we can ever give’.

wild & grace feel filled up by bringing remarkable people to share about how to be ‘better’ or ‘different’ for our kids and people.

Do you have someone (a Teacher of Teachers & Parents) you’d like us to bring to the Bay of Plenty?

Feel free to connect with us via email:

PS we love a reminder email as we are a teeny weeny resourced organisation with a big heart, and answering all the communication we receive in a timely manner is challenging. Thanks for your patience and perseverance.

Namaste, Kia ora, Go well.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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