wild & grace media|event’s vision for our living:learning events

Kia ora Listeners,


wild & grace has been offering living : learning events since 2010.

We launched with a 1-day Creative Day involving yoga, creative writing, mixed media visual art class and a delicious vegetarian feast. This continued as Eat Move Make.

There have been FREE teeny events such as Crafternoon Teas, and Rock-painting parties.

We have brought ECE Teacher of Teacher’s to the Bay of Plenty also including: Pennie Brownlee, Kimberley Crisp, Longworth Education, Celia Hogan.

International Teacher Giovanni Fusetti offered a remarkable 3 day live-in retreat on Roma Marae, for his life-changing course Tao of Clown.

We’ve also created larger events:
little YOGA festival 2015
Delightful Festival of Body & Sound 2016
Backyard Yoga Festival 2017
little YOGA festival 2017
Wellness Weekend 2018


To bring community together for living : learning events. We home events in spaces with natural light, and a view to nature. We provide Teachers with Students and Students with Teachers.


wild & grace value Creativity, Curiosity, Kindness, Wellness, Sustainability, Asking Questions, Change-making, Play.


To connect people with people. To build a sense of belonging and being responded to. To provide living : learning experiences which are be inspiring, change-making, and with play. To invite creativity, curiosity, & kindness. To be in or with nature.

Our recipe

We’d love to share with you what we endeavour to deliver during our living : learning events, whether it’s little YOGA festival or our 1-day workshops where we bring Teachers of Teachers & Parents such as Pennie Brownlee and Kimberley Crisp.

rg park PLAY nov 2018-25

Our living: learning events 

* are homed in natural spaces, or spaces that ‘access’ the natural world, where one can look out the window and see green, the moana, and vibrant colours.

* are homed in breathable spaces, which may be a little rumpty or antique, spaces that feel like home, that welcome community, and allow us to be authentic, relaxed and humane.

* are homed in spaces that are tranquil.

* are as zero waste as possible, we use compost bins, as little plastic as possible by shopping at Bin Inn, this kind of thing and thinking.

* are nourishing, we offer a holistic experience, where not only are you learning but you’re being looked after too, by being fed fresh plant-powered food. We eat from one long table. We share food. Kai is given from bowls and platters for people to eat as little or as much as they will. There are gluten free, dairy free, plant-powered options all on the one table, to model inclusion and empathy.

* use uplifting colours and history in our collected old-fashioned eclectic plates, and handmade platters

* are programmed with skillful, experienced, passionate facilitators

* are created from a culture of kindness and listening

* are designed to be delivered with clear communication and with grace

rg park PLAY nov 2018-2

Here’s what others’ say about our way, and our mahi:

“The outlook is beautiful.”

“The plates reminded me of Nana’s place.”

“I just wanted to thank you again for providing such a nurturing environment and food for us at Pennie’s workshop yesterday. Also many thanks for taking the photos of my quirky seed pod creations. Hope I get to attend something else you organise one day.”

“I still feel completely heart-full and inspired after yesterday.
And the food, wow. Emily, it was just sensational! It was a pleasure to meet you and Pennie and everyone else there!
Thank you ❤️”

“I attended yesterday’s sacred urge to play. Amazing course and food was divine!”

rg park PLAY nov 2018-14

Inspiring Facilitators

You know a teacher of teachers & parents & people you’d like us to bring to the Bay, beyond or Aotearoa?

We’d love to hear from you, we invite you to connect with emily@wildandgrace.co.nz

May we create together, to build a more empathetic, conscious, questioning, whole-hearted, well-world for our babies, children, our parents, our people, our community.

ohauiti PLAY nov 2018-18

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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