Peanut Rice Salad – Julie Le Clerc

What we love about rice salads at the living:learning events we host (within wild & grace media|events) is they cater for people eating a gluten-free way.
We serve our vegetarian banquet on platters, so guests can receive as much or as little as they’d like together at one table.
The inclusiveness of having gluten free, dairy free and in other cases nut free options as standard options within the gourmet offering, hopefully helps people feel a greater sense of belonging, than being served an alternative to what ‘everyone else’ is dining on.

We have another delicious Rice Salad from good old Alison Holst, but this is a little more simple. We think the dressing could either be increased or jooshed / thai-ed up somehow, maybe by adding some fish sauce, some chopped fresh red chili, lime, lemongrass, chopped fresh coriander or mint…


Peanut Rice Salad from ‘Simple Cafe Food’ by Julie Le Clerc

1 cup jasmine rice (jasmine has that lovely aroma)
1 cup of wild rice (note it’s expensive and considered a super food, but it adds interesting texture and colour to this salad)
2 cups of peanuts, roasted

3 cm piece of fresh ginger, grated
4 cloves of garlic, crushed
4 tblsp tamari sauce
2 tblsp peanut oil
1 tblsp sesame oil

1. Cook the jasmine rice in gently boiling water for 10-12 minutes (we find the absorption method the most foolproof). Allow to cool. Cook the wild rice in gently boiling water for 25 minutes. Drain (if required) and allow to cool.

2. Reserve 1 cup peanuts. Grind up 1 cup of peanuts in a food processor to resemble breadcrumbs. Mix dressing ingredients together.

3. Mix rices, ground peanuts and dressing together well. Garnish with reserved roasted peanuts.

Serves 6-8

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