Kimberley Crisp, from The Nest in Hawkes Bay, comes to Tauranga on the 31 March 2019 with her 1 day workshop about ‘Urges’

1 day workshop for Teachers & Parents. A rare opportunity to attend a SELL OUT workshop with: ‘The Nest’s’ Kimberley Crisp, based in the Hawkes Bay.

This is ‘Urge’nt
is a workshop in Tauranga which explores THE URGES.

This workshop will explore the primal play urges that unfold and ‘how’ we can be in tune and provide what’s needed for self chosen uninterrupted imaginative play.

img_6312Kimberley is a warm-hearted, creative and inspiring presenter, who is giving great voice to our children and those interested in continuing to develop their practice, understanding and ‘tool-box’ for nurturing caring relationships between children and adults, and indeed adults and adults.

In this workshop from 9am-3pm
We will look at what children ‘really’ need and will challenge you to ask yourself “does the ‘core curriculum’ truly provide this?”. Is the core curriculum a vehicle for learning that needs a ‘tune up’? Have you ever really questioned WHY: why do we have what we have? Why do we do what we do in relation to preparing environments for children. Have you ever dared to challenge the status quo? Well we did, and we experienced an extreme make over.

It all started as a D.I.Y job – within ourselves! Our internal view of the child impacts on who and how we are within ourselves and with others, and what we believe the role of the teacher is. Children have a primal need, an unfolding urge to make sense of their world with the tools they have at hand. We believe it is time to restock the tool belt and to allow children the freedom to BE, to do what they are designed to do and PLAY freely.

Kimberley founded and now manages ‘The Nest’ an incredible space for early learners in Clive (Hawkes Bay).

She has co-written ‘The Sacred Urge to Play’ with Pennie Brownlee.

This is how she introduces herself on her website:
Who I am is more important than what I do.
I have a passion for creatively inspiring adults in all aspects of their ‘being’ with children. In my extensive experience of facilitating, I apply a hands on approach and clever use of analogy, which provides experiential learning for the participants. I have a distinctive gift in translating new concepts into simple and memorable learning. I love quotes and I always have one ‘up my sleeves’.

From working as a trained teacher (B.Ed (Tchng) ECE) in a range of early childhood services, and through adult teaching, I have grown to see that ultimately it is ‘how’ adults are with themselves that is pivotal in ‘how’ they are with young children.

My early childhood journey took me to the Pikler Institute in Budapest, Hungary four times to attend the Summer Course and also the Advanced Level Courses on the Piklerian Approach of Early Childhood Education. This fuelled my desire to bring these profound principles and practices to as many adults as possible.

Believing that every moment can be a learning experience, I seek insight and inspiration and I passionately believe in the teachers I work with.

kim crisp 1

This is a wild & grace event.
We have brought Pennie Brownlee, Longworth Education and now Kimberley Crisp to the Bay of Plenty. We bring living: learning opportunities to all.

Sunday 31 March 2019
Early Bird (if paid by Friday 15 February) $195.00 (includes lunch)
Slow Bird (if paid after Friday 15 February) $225.00 (includes lunch)
Ohauiti Settler’s Hall, 459 Ohauiti Rd, Ohauiti, Tauranga, NZ
NB: We are not GST registered. Eventbrite generates and emails an ORDER CONFIRMATION which is your RECEIPT/proof of purchase.

Due to Kimberley’s workshops selling out, the costs and organisation of bringing her from out of town and for catering reasons we cannot offer cancellations. Thanks for understanding on this matter – you are however welcome to transfer your ticket to someone else.

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