Why we’re bringing Kimberley Crisp to give This is ‘Urge’nt, a workshop on URGES and how they relate to PLAY, for Teachers & Parents, in Tauranga 31 March 2019

Kimberley Crisp lights up the room. She is warm, exudes kindness and creativity and at the same time is a passionate advocate for quality environments for our tamariki, in order to nourish them and indeed allow them to flourish.


Kimberley is touring to Tauranga offering a 1-day workshop This is ‘Urge’nt on Sunday 31 March 9am-3pm. Scheduled specifically on a weekend, making it more accessible and affordable (not necessary to get Relievers and easier to arrange childcare) and less disruptive to Teachers / Centres / Parents.

Kimberley Crisp is a dynamic Presenter. A vibrant woman who walks the talk.

She inspires Parents & Teachers by her breadth of knowledge, her colourful way of sharing information and research, and her unstoppable energy to campaign for the best outcomes for our tamariki and this natural world we all share.

If you haven’t experienced her magic, now is your time.

BOOKINGS: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kimberley-crisps-1-day-workshop-this-is-urgent-tauranga-tickets-55056408199

This Professional Development opportunity is for Parents, Homeschoolers, Early Childhood and Primary School Teachers, particularly those interested in ‘Play-based Learning’ or ‘Learning Through Play’. 

This is ‘Urge’nt will explore in depth:
* What the Urges are and how to recognise them
* What resources to have available to children in order to allow these Urges to be ‘played out’
* How to best support the innate Urges in children so that their greatest learning occurs
* How to ready our environments for ‘rich’ Play


Kimberley Crisp co-wrote ‘Sacred Urge to Play’ with Pennie Brownlee.
She tours Aotearoa (and overseas) with her ‘pop-up’ courses on:
* Play
* Urges (otherwise known as schema as Piaget introduced them)
* Heart-centred ways of being with children and colleagues
for Parents, Early Childhood and Primary School Teachers.
She set up and manages ‘The Nest’ a kindergarten in Hawkes Bay with the Pikler approach underpinning its kawa, and philosophy.

For those who know very little about Urges, Jean Piaget introduced the notion of these Urges, referring to them as schema. Piaget was a Swiss psychologist known for his work on child development.

Some of these schema or Urges include the urge to:
Position or Order


We observe children ‘acting on’ these urges through their play when they:
Transport the handful of ‘pinecones’ in a mini supermarket trolley at Playcentre.

Order the animals from largest to smallest at home.

Post the ropes through the handle-holes in the gigantic boxes in the physically active area at Kindy.

Transform the sand, when they add water, some leaves and feathers to the sand-pit ‘cake’ at Primary School.


Nau mai, Haere mai…

Warmest of Welcomes (as a dear friend Lucy AitkenRead says)…

We’d love to share a day with you in Tauranga, learning and laughing with Kimberley Crisp (who sells out courses across the country) at this 1-day workshop which explores PLAY and how URGES informs it. We promise the day will also nourish you. We provide a delicious lunch with gluten & dairy free options, in a relaxed tranquil environment with a view to green pastures and Mauao in the distance.

It will be a day to remember.


Photo credits:
Kimberley Crisp: from her website
Under the vines: Shelley Pence from Unsplash
In the sandpit: Markus Spiska from Unsplash
Picking flowers: Caroline Hernandez from Unsplash

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