Kimberley Crisp brings her ‘How are you?’ 1-day workshop in September 2020 to Tauranga, for Teachers and Parents learning alongside babies, toddlers, children and young people

We’d love YOU to JOIN US to learn alongside visiting ECE EXPERT Kimberley Crisp from ‘The Nest Kindergarten’ (a Pikler ‘led’ Kindy in Hawkes Bay), and co-author of ‘Sacred Urge to Play.’

“I still feel completely heart-full and inspired after yesterday’s workshop. And the food, wow. Emily, it was just sensational!”

We’ll provide a delicious feast of a lunch, in a warm venue, with an opportunity to share learning and experience with like-hearted people.

As a nation New Zealand’s “state” of Well Being is under the microscope, and what we see is alarming. What does this highlight?
Foremost….“The Relationship is ALL.” Who and How we are with ourselves is foundational in forming and maintaining healthy relationships. Relationships are impacted when people are not OK.

For each of us to flourish we need to experience high levels of wellbeing. Loss of wellbeing is the biggest threat to health and human functioning; to being a well human being.

With this dangerous trend seriously escalating, its time to address the implications this has on our individual lives, our workplaces, in society and our nation. STRESS has a ‘domino’ effect! Especially for us in education we have to ask the HARD question:
What impact this has on the children in our CARE???

Current research affirms biology’s blueprint; the clear connection between well being and deep learning. There is NO ‘higher order thinking’ when we are in a state of unabated stress.

This barrage of everyday stress has our relationships under siege. And because “We teach who we are” we can clearly see where the ‘domino effect’ begins….it starts with US….

This workshop will get down to the nitty gritty….digging into the ‘WHY’s’ and ‘HOW’ of Well Being….pre-empting a return to LOVE.

“Honestly, once you meet Kimberley you will wonder how you got to this point in your life without her influence. Kimberly is the most genuine, passionate and inspirational teacher that I have been blessed to have crossed paths with. I highly recommend her professional development courses and teachings.” – M. O’B

Words from Kimberley…

I have a passion for creatively inspiring adults in all aspects of their ‘being’ with children. In my extensive experience of facilitating, I apply a hands on approach and clever use of analogy, which provides experiential learning for the participants. I have a distinctive gift in translating new concepts into simple and memorable learning. I love quotes and I always have one ‘up my sleeves’.

From working as a trained teacher (B.Ed (Tchng) ECE) in a range of early childhood services, and through adult teaching, I have grown to see that ultimately it is ‘how’ adults are with themselves that is pivotal in ‘how’ they are with young children.

My early childhood journey took me to the Pikler Institute in Budapest, Hungary four times to attend the Summer Course and also the Advanced Level Courses on the Piklerian Approach of Early Childhood Education. This fuelled my desire to bring these profound principles and practices to as many adults as possible.

Believing that every moment can be a learning experience, I seek insight and inspiration and I passionately believe in the teachers I work with.

The Professional Development Programmes I offer deepen teacher’s knowledge, experience and awareness. They focus on our central beliefs that infants and young children are free and equal human beings who need time, space and the right environment in which they naturally unfold, and in which they develop a healthy sense of who they are as individuals and valued members of our society.

wild & grace media|events have been bringing Teachers to the Bay for over 10 years such as Pennie Brownlee, Celia Hogan and the wondrous Kimberley Crisp.

9.30am – 3.30pm
Saturday 5 September 2020

Ohauiti Hall
459 Ohauiti Rd

$195.00 Early Bird includes lunch (if paid by Friday 8 May 2020)
$225.00 Slow Bird includes lunch (if paid after Friday 8 May)

NB: We are not GST registered. Eventbrite generates and emails an ORDER CONFIRMATION which is your RECEIPT/proof of purchase.

Due to Kimberley’s workshops selling out, the costs and organisation of bringing her from out of town and for catering reasons we cannot offer cancellations. Thanks for understanding on this matter – you are however welcome to transfer your ticket to someone else.

If we need to postpone or cancel the event, we will fully refund the cost of the ticket. Please note: we cannot refund the ticketing costs incurred by Eventbrite.

Jordan Rowland from Unsplash

On sale soon…

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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