Miraculous Parenting – Shai Orr comes to Aotearoa New Zealand – FREE online evening zoom course Monday 6 July 2020

What are we inviting you to:
Join us via zoom for a FREE online introduction into the way Shai Orr (Israel) author of ‘Miraculous Parenting’ facilitates healthier relationships between child and adult.

The course will include Shai Orr ‘working with’ a Parent from New Zealand, in a live workshop, where we get the privilege of observing the process of this ‘therapeutic conversation’ between Shai (therapist) and a Kiwi Parent.

Why are we offering this FREE course:
This is part of preliminary courses designed to introduce people from ‘down under’ to this MIRACULOUS PARENTING style.

We’re bringing Shai to our shores in the near future, so this course is perfect if you’re curious about his mahi (work).

Who’s the course for:
A free online course for parents, teachers and therapists (those learning alongside tamariki (children) from New Zealand and Australia.

It’s perfect if you LOVE learning, especially about
* relating to others
* respectful parenting/teaching
* communication
* recognising and listening to what someone is asking for / truly needs
* building compassion
* trusting and seeing our children

miraculous parenting

From the other side of the globe, a new approach to parenting, Shai Orr’s Miraculous Parenting is radiating towards New Zealand, for the first time ever.

When is this 90 minute online course:
“There is always a good reason” 
8 pm (NZ time)
Monday 6 July 2020
NB: First Monday of the NZ School Holidays

A free online course for parents, teachers and therapists (those learning alongside tamariki (children) from New Zealand and Australia. 

Once we agree to truly trust our children, the way to understand the deep reason for any difficulty they create opens up. Along with the deep request from our children, we find ways to grow together with deep listening, acceptance and leadership. 

While our offer is to New Zealanders, you can join us from any place on the planet.

Need your help:
To tautoko (honour) Shai’s skill and generosity for facilitating this FREE course, an opportunity to deepen our parenting skills, or skills with learning and playing alongside children, we have a vision of hosting 100 people to our zoom convo.

For our quest to be realised, we need your help. Please share this with your friends and whanau, so we can have a zoom full of people.Facebook event:
One way to support us is to visit the Facebook event, and tick you’re attending. This lets your facebook community know about it OR share the link.
Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/721414768593128/

to access to FREE online course:

To receive the link to the free online lecture, please register here: https://bidyuk.ravpage.co.il/newzealand-online

Once you have registered you may watch the ‘workshop’ at your convenience.

Go well 

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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