Things worth sharing this month – July 2020

Kia ora, welcome to you all.

I’ve decided as both a way to archive what treasure I’ve found and a way to contribute, I’m going to share podcasts, TED talks, organisations, short films, articles I get value from. Perhaps what I’m learning may help learning for you and others.

Shit you should care about – The Shit Show

A friend at work shared this podcast, blogsite, and insta page with me. This morning I washed the dishes (I now mildly enjoy washing the pots, thanks to podcasts, and it also an excuse to have my hands in warm water on a tres cold day) to ‘The Bad Sex’ story on this podcast. I’m going to include my thoughts in the ‘Sex Talks’ post to follow. This podcast is made by two women in the early 20s, and has a charming mix of delight, fun, giggles and serious shit worth thinking about.

Miraculous Parenting – Shai Orr (Israel)

I shared about Shai’s FREE online parenting workshop. For those of you who missed it here’s a link to watching it online:

Non Violent Parenting – Ruth Beaglehole (a kiwi living in USA)

I met Ruth through Lucy AitkenRead and the mahi she does with Parent Allies, where Lucy hosts remarkable ‘Teachers’ and wise people to share HEALTHY ways we can relate with our young people. I found Ruth’s information around ‘Emotional Regulation’ GOLD. Here is a clip from Ruth Beaglehole’s website around making ‘Empathy books for children’ which I’ve also used in different ways over the years.

There’s no ‘cool mum’ or ‘mean mum’ – Lucy AitkenRead

Lucy is one of those humans who does does does. She writes an edible blog, has a podcast and a vlog, creates miraculous retreats, is an activist, a Mum, a wife…all the while living off grid in a yurt. This article about being a Mother includes some of the practices we learnt at Ruth Beaglehole’s workshop around ‘Emotional Regulation’:

Come as you are – Emily Nagoski

Oh my goodness I am adoring this non-fiction written by the award-winning American Emily Nagoski, an expert on women’s sexual wellbeing, healthy relationships, and the prevention of sexual violence and harassment. I wanna be like her when I grow up. I’m actually going to go buy copies and post them to friends, and then ask those peeps to post it to another friend and start a radical sex positive revolution. I’ll go into more whys when I write up ‘Sex Talks’. Here’s Emily’s website:

What I’ve got on my bookshelf to read (finish):

What I’m soon to find for my bookshelf:

I hope you’re thriving wherever you are in the world, or there’s a moment of bliss for you today.

Go well,
Emily with wild & grace






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