Young Adult Fiction I’ve read and you may like to too?

The Hate You Give – Angie Thomas (USA)
“This is Angie Thomas’ debut novel and was published in 2017. The book was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Cuz – Liz Van Der Laarse (NZ)
“Cuz is like a New Zealand Hatchet” – David Riley
“Cousins thrown together into this Fiordland survival situation, relying on each other’s skills and knowledge to get out alive.” – Wendy Bamber

Pōrangi Boy – Shilo Kino (NZ)
“Twelve-year-old Niko lives in Pohe Bay, a small, rural town with a sacred hot spring and a taniwha named Taukere. The government wants to build a prison over the home of the taniwha, and Niko’s grandfather is busy protesting. People call him pōrangi, crazy, but when he dies, it’s up to Niko to convince his community that the taniwha is real and stop the prison from being built. With help from his friend Wai, Niko must unite his whanau, honour his grandfather and stand up to his childhood bully.” – booksforkids

Shooting Stars – Brian Falkner (NZ)
I couldn’t put this down.
“Egan Tucker is fifteen and has been in hiding his entire life.
He has never known television, the Internet or even electricity.
He has never seen hot and cold running water or a flush toilet.
His food comes from the forest or the stream, not from a supermarket.
The boundaries of his world are the hills that surround the tiny valley he calls home.
But Egan’s life is about to change.
Forced to leave his home, he must venture out into a world that is unlike anything he has ever known.
He is not ready for this world.
And the world is not ready for Egan.” – goodreads

Flight of the Fantail – Steph Matuku (NZ)
“A busload of high school students crashes in bush in a remote part of Aotearoa New Zealand. Only a few of the teenagers survive; they find their phones don’t work, there’s no food, and they’ve only got their wits to keep them alive. There’s also something strange happening here. Why are the teenagers having nosebleeds and behaving erratically, and why is the rescue effort slow to arrive? To make it out, they have to discover what’s really going on and who or what is behind it all.” – huiabookshop

Photo credit: Ngā mihi, Zani Izzuddin – Unsplash

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