Kia Ora, Welcome to wild & grace media | events… inviting the good life.

Who am i?
My name is Emily and i seeded wild & grace in the Spring of 2011 upon my husband and i, relocating back to our homeground – the Bay of Plenty, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

What did i do before?
wild & grace is a culmination of what i have observed and gathered until now in a life centred around the Arts, People, Health and Education. Before wild & grace i trained and worked as a Performer, Theatre Producer, then High School Drama, Health and English Teacher.

What do i do now?
First and foremost my job is Mum, to three young humans, and one canine. Apart from being a wifey and ‘home-maker’, i write, photograph, video, sing sufi songs and kirtan, knit hats, read non-fiction, go camping, watch TED Talks and docos, cook, garden herbs, ride my bike, run the occasional 1/2 marathon, dream of dancing on stage again, bring people together for events big and small, and encourage people to ‘reduce their waste’ and ‘speak bold & kind – share what matters to them’ and ‘be the change they wish to see in the world.’

What inspires me to share and connect with you?
I am propelled to write and bring people together to learn and share after re-discovering Joseph Campbell’s ‘Follow your Bliss’.

“If you do follow your bliss
you put yourself
on a kind of track
that has been there
all the while,
waiting for you,
and the life that you ought to be living
is the one you are living.
Follow your bliss
and don’t be afraid,
and doors will open
where you didn’t know
they were going to be (Joseph Campbell)”

I offer wild & grace so that the skills and wisdom from our change-makers, deep-thinkers, teachers and ancestors are re-generated.

I make events too
Alongside publishing stories in a multitude of media, wild & grace also produce learning events, with a focus on community (common-unity). Magic and health happens when we bring people physically together. There are four focus points that umbrella both the nature of these huis, workshops, festivals, and indeed the content of this blogsite:

This is what i give a shit about
* Arts & Creativity – participating in and celebrating the arts
* Wellbeing – promoting happiness and health
* Sustainability – sharing knowledge and inciting action relating to the environment
* Nature – getting people outside and in nature – yours and everyone’s

How often do i post?
The intention is to publish once a week although some weeks are busier than others. Apart from sharing what i’m finding, wild & grace is also a platform to promote our and others’ events of a like-minded nature occurring pre-dominantly in the Bay of Plenty. Once in a while we highlight global brilliance – people, art, events – which echo wild & grace’s sentiment.

You can find wild & grace here too

Lovely to connect with you
We’re delighted you visited wild & grace. Go well.


  1. Hi Emily
    I would love to touch base with you. My passion is wellbeing, being our ability to feel good and function more effectively enabling us to intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically flourish. I have completed post grad work in applied positive psychology from Melbourne university, and trained as Gallup strengths coach in Sydney. I am now based at the Mount and run wellbeing workshops as a part of my business. My calling is this work. It is what I study, teach and share. My workshops combine applied positive psychology, with the science of habits and neuroscience. I have an office in Tauranga. Be lovely to meet you when you have some time.

  2. Well you so obviously out Ve what you write, Emily. Love The focus points and how you describe what inspired you to seed Wild and Grace. Can’t wait to get reading.

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