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You may have noticed this blogsite is F R E E from ads. I pay WordPress to keep ads away from my audience because we are all marketed to more than is conducive to leading a calm and relaxed life, and may find ourselves getting distracted and buying more than we need.

Your D O N A T I O N will allow me to keep in the field of wild & grace.

I, my husband, 3 kids, dog, cookbooks, garden, colour coded bookshelf, wardrobe and camping holidays are grateful for your G I F T big or small.


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This blog began during June 2011.

It was a way for me to commune with adult ears and hear an adult voice in the days, nights, years i breasttfed my babies into bigness.

My babes are taller now and usually sleep through the night.

It’s ‘juste’ for me to start contributing regularly to the economics and flow of our family, our home, our life T O G E T H E R.

Alongside communicating with Y O U, i took comfort in feeling like i was helping people, by sharing what i was finding, and publishing it in one space for people (including myself) to return to, like a well-used-not-so-fancy-more-earthy-and-honest-chest-of- treasures.

To be frank, this is an experiment of sorts, to view whether people see value in what i do (in both meanings of that verb).

Speaking from experience, PayPal and ‘calls to koha’ have in the past seemed a disruption, fiddly, a bit – i don’t have time or mindfulness for this.

But maybe, cos those babes are stronger, moments of pause and breath are appearing and recently i have made donations (given koha) to ‘The Guardian’, ‘Charles Eisenstein’ & ‘Lulastic and the Hippyshake’.

I believe from that act, i feel ready to say Y E S to receiving.